Healing of the Spirit Booklet

Title Page (Word) (PDF)
Table of Contents (Word) (PDF)
01. Healing of the Spirit Ministries Introduction (Word) (PDF)
02. Our Sins (Word) (PDF)
03. Unforgiveness (Word) (PDF)
04. Sexual Immorality, Soul Ties and Pornography (Word) (PDF)
05. Miscarriages and Abortions (PDF)
06. Occult (Word) (PDF)
07. Divorce (Word) (PDF)
08. Curses (Word) (PDF)
09. Generational Influences (Word) (PDF)
09.1. Genogram (Word) (PDF)
10. Your Tongue (Word) (PDF)
11. Vows and Death Wishes (Word) (PDF)
12. Objects and Places (Word) (PDF)
13. Involuntary Exposure (Word) (PDF)
14. Freemasonry (Word) (PDF)
15. Hurts, Emotions and Memories (Word) (PDF)
16. Sexual Abuse (Word) (PDF)
17. Rejection (Word) (PDF)
18. Prenatal influences (Word) (PDF)
19. Trauma (Word) (PDF)
20. Satanic Ritual Abuse (Word) (PDF)
21. Our Image of God & Self (Word) (PDF)
22. Confession & Repentance (Word) (PDF)
23. The Interview (Word) (PDF)
24. Ministry Options and Considerations (Word) (PDF)
25. Healing Power of Communion (Word) (PDF)
26. Reasons Healing May Not Occur (Word) (PDF)
27. After Care (How to Keep Your Healing) (Word) (PDF)
28. Setting Up a Deliverance Ministry in Your Church (Word) (PDF)
29. Territorial Spirits & Transformation (Word) (PDF)
30. Witchcraft, Family Ceremonies & Polygamy (Africa) (Word) (PDF)
31. Healing from Pride (Word) (PDF)
32. 20 Questions for Deliverance (Word) (PDF)
33. Open Gates Diagram (Word) (PDF)
34. Resources (Word) (PDF)
Chapters 1 thru Chapters 34 – Healing of the Spirit Ministries