Chapter 34 Resources

Deliverance/Inner Healing Book List

This list is made up of books from three sources:
(1) Older books with ISDM #’s purchaseable from
(2) Available from Arsenal Books, 888 563 5150
(3) Available from Global Awakening

Adenitire, Michael Generational Curse Stops Here (Arsenal)
Agoha, Isidore Demons Are Subject To Us (Arsenal)
Anderson, Neil Victory Over Darkness (Global Awakening)
Anderson, Neil T. The Bondage Breaker 2000 0-7369-0241-4
Arnott, John & Carol Grace and Forgiveness (Global Awakening)
Ascott, Kenneth Chains That Bind Generations (Arsenal)
Baer, Richard Witnessing to Mormons (Arsenal)
Bambridge, Tony Acupuncture Diagnosed (Arsenal)
Bambridge, Tony Homeopathy Diagnosed (Arsenal)
Banks, Bill Deliverance for Children and Teens (Arsenal)
Banks, Bill & Sue Breaking Unhealthy Soul-Ties 1999 0-89228-139-1
Banks, Bill & Sue Ministering to Abortions Aftermath (Arsenal)
Banks, Bill & Sue Shame Free (Arsenal)
Banks, Sue Little Skunk (Arsenal)
Basham, Don Face Up with a Miracle 1973
Basham, Don Deliver Us From Evil (Arsenal)
Basham, Don & Leggatt, Dick The Most Dangerous Game 1974 0-8007-0726-5
Baxter, Mary Divine Revelation of Deliverance (Arsenal)
Bedillion, Steward Freemasonry Its Impact on Revival DVD (Arsenal)
Bennett, Rita Emotionally Free 1982 0-86065-194-0
Bennett, Rita How to Pray for Inner Healing for Yourself 1983 0-8007-5126-4
Bennett, Rita You Can Be Emotionally Free 1982 978-0-88270-748-8
Bernal, Dick Come Down Dark Prince! 1989 0-88368-282-6
Bernal, Dick Curses: What They Are & How To Break Them 1991 1-56043-468-6
Bodishbaugh, Signa Illusions Of Intimacy (Arsenal)
Boelens, Peter & Eleanor Released to Soar (Arsenal)
Bottari, Pablo Free In Christ 2000 0-88419-657-7
Brown, Tom Breaking Curses Experiencing Healing (Arsenal)
Brown, Tom Devil, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare (Arsenal)
Burgher, Rex Our Father’s Heartbeat (Global Awakening)
Burk, Arthur Alien Human Spirits CD Set (Arsenal)
Burk, Arthur Seven Curses CD Set (Arsenal)
Burk, Arthur Trauma Bonds to Time CD Teaching (Arsenal)
Burns, Cathy Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star (Arsenal)
Carr, Douglas Free Indeed! (Arsenal)
Carrico, David & Donna College Fraternities (Arsenal)
Cassada, Barbara Unto Death 1998 1-928672-01-9
Cerullo, Morris Demolishing Demonic Strongholds Legacy Edition (Arsenal)
Clark, Jonas 7 Signs of a Family Curse (Arsenal)
Clark, Jonas Breaking Family Curses (Arsenal)
Clark, Jonas Come Out! (Arsenal)
Clark, Jonas Discover the Root Causes of Family Curses (Arsenal)
Clark, Jonas Effective Prayer Against Family Curses (Arsenal)
Cook, Jerry Love, Acceptance & Forgiveness (Global Awakening)
Cooprider, Paul G. Multiple Personality Disorder 2007
Cox, Paul Biblical Basis for Spiritual Conflict DVD (Arsenal)
Cox, Paul Come Up Higher (Arsenal)
Cox, Paul Discerning the Battle DVD (Arsenal)
Cox, Paul Guidelines to Deliverance Manual (Arsenal)
Cox, Paul Melchizedek and the Gift of Discernment DVD (Arsenal)
Cox, Paul Prayers for Generational Deliverance (Arsenal)
Cox, Paul Ravens (Arsenal)
Cox, Paul Tipping The Scales To Your Advantage DVD (Arsenal)
Cox, Paul Understanding and Implementing Generational Deliverance DVD (Arsenal)
Cox, Paul Using the Gift of Discernment in the Ministry of Deliverance DVD (Arsenal)
Cramer, Dennis Breaking Christian Curses 1997 1-866296-19-7
Croft, Jim Invisible Enemies (Arsenal)
Cross, David Dangers Of Alternative Ways of Healing (Arsenal)
Cross, David Gods Covering (Arsenal)
Cross, David Rescue From Rejection (Arsenal)
Cross, David Soul Ties (Arsenal)
Cross, David Trapped By Control (Arsenal)
Curran, Sue Spiritual Breakthrough (Arsenal)
Dalbey, Gordon No Small Snakes 2008 978-0-8499-1984-8
Daniels, Kimberly Clean House Strong House (Arsenal)
Daniels, Kimberly Demon Dictionary Volume 1 (Arsenal)
Daniels, Kimberly Inside Out (Arsenal)
Daniels, Kimberly Spiritual Housekeeping (Arsenal)
Davis, Bobby Saved But Still Enslaved (Arsenal)
Dearing, Norma The Healing Touch: A Guide to Healing Prayer 2002 0-8007-9302-1
Delgado, Iris Destroy the Works of the Enemy (Arsenal)
Dickerman, Don When Pigs Move In (Arsenal)
Dickerman, Don When Pigs Move In 2009 978-1-59979-461-7
Duggan, Dorman Strongman of Unbelief (Arsenal)
Durie, Mark Liberty To The Captives (Arsenal)
Eckardt, John Deliverance And Spiritual Warfare Manual (Arsenal)
Eckardt, John Deliverance the Childrens Bread (Arsenal)
Eckardt, John Demon Hit List (Arsenal)
Eckardt, John Identifying and Breaking Curses (Arsenal)
Eckardt, John Let Us Alone (Arsenal)
Eckardt, John Loose Thyself (Arsenal)
Eckardt, John Prayers That Break Curses (Arsenal)
Elder, Penny Journey of Love (Arsenal)
Fernandez, Paul Trauma An Open Door for Satan (Arsenal)
Ferrell, Ana Dark Secrets of GAOTU (Arsenal)
Ferrell, Ana Deliverance From Fear DVD (Arsenal)
Ferrell, Ana Deliverance To Captives DVD (Arsenal)
Ferrell, Ana Hidden Secrets of Freemasonry DVD (Arsenal)
Ferrell, Ana Regions Of Captivity (Arsenal)
Foster, David Kyle Sexual Healing 2001 0-8307-3715-4,
Foss, Steve Satan’s Dirty Little Secret 2007 978-1-59979-204-0
Frangipane, Francis Three Battlegrounds (Global Awakening)
Frost, Jack Experiencing Father’s Embrace (Global Awakening)
Frost, Jack Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual (Global Awakening)
Fruh, Aaron Forgotten Blessing (Arsenal)
Gardner, Thom Healing the Wounded Heart (Arsenal)
Gardner, Thom Healing the Wounded Heart (Global Awakening)
Gardner, Thom Relentless Love (Global Awakening)
Gibson, Noel & Phyl Deliver Our Children From the Evil One 1992 1-85240-108-7
Gibson, Noel & Phyl Evicting Demonic Intruders 1993 1-874367-09-4
Gibson, Noel & Phyl Excuse Me Your Rejection is Showing 1992 1-85240-110-9
Gibson, Noel & Phyl Freedom in Christ 1996 1-874367-53-1
Goll, James Deliverance From Darkness (Arsenal)
Goll, James Deliverance From Darkness Study Guide (Arsenal)
Greenwald, Gary Seductions Exposed (Arsenal)
Greenwood, Rebecca Breaking the Bonds of Evil (Arsenal)
Greenwood, Rebecca Breaking the Bonds of Evil 2006 0-8007-9411-7
Greenwood, Rebecca Let Our Children Go (Arsenal)
Gregg, Doug Inner Healing (Global Awakening)
Griffin, Paul & Liz Anger How Do You Handle It (Arsenal)
Griffin, Paul & Liz Hope and Healing for the Abused (Arsenal)
Gruen, Ernest J. Freedom to Choose 1976 0-88368–072-6
Hammond, Frank Breaking Curses DVD (Arsenal)
Hammond, Frank Breaking Demonic Soul Ties DVD (Arsenal)
Hammond, Frank Comfort for the Wounded Spirit (Arsenal)
Hammond, Frank Confronting Familiar Spirits (Arsenal)
Hammond, Frank Deliverance Series CD Teaching (Arsenal)
Hammond, Frank Demons and Deliverance in the Ministry of Jesus 1991 089228-0018
Hammond, Frank Fathers Blessing (Arsenal)
Hammond, Frank Manual for Childrens Deliverance (Arsenal)
Hammond, Frank Marriage Bed (Arsenal)
Hammond, Frank Obstacles to Deliverance (Arsenal)
Hammond, Frank Obstacles To Deliverance DVD (Arsenal)
Hammond, Frank Overcoming Rejection (Arsenal)
Hammond, Frank Perils of Passivity (Arsenal)
Hammond, Frank Pigs in the Parlor 1973 0-89228-027-1
Hammond, Frank Pigs In The Parlor Study Guide (Arsenal)
Hammond, Frank Repercussions from Sexual Sins (Arsenal)
Hammond, Frank Schizophrenia Revelation DVD (Arsenal)
Hammond, Frank Soul Ties (Arsenal)
Hammond, Frank The Breaking of Curses 1993 0-89228-109-X
Hammond, Frank Forgiving Others (Arsenal)
Hampsch, John H. Making The Mass Come Alive 2000 1-57918-130-9
Hampsch, John H. The Healing Power of the Eucharist 1999 1-56955-095-6
Hampsch, John H. Eucharistic Healing 1-57918-102-3
Hampsch, John H. Healing Your Family Tree 1986 437-X
Hampsch, John H. Faith: Key to the Heart of God 1985 0-9613575-1-7
Harper, Michael Spiritual Warfare 1970 0-912106-69-7
Harrington, Ken & Jeanne Deliverance from Toxic Memories (Arsenal)
Harrington, Ken & Jeanne From Curses to Blessings (Arsenal)
Harris, Jack Masonic Christian Conflict Explained (Arsenal)
Harris, Jack Masonic Ritual DVD (Arsenal)
Harris, Jack Freemasonry Invisible Cult (Global Awakening)
Harsbarager, Jeff Dancing With the Devil (Arsenal)
Harshbarger, Jeff From Darkness to Light (Revised and Updated) (Arsenal)
Harz, Eric Reiki Danger (Arsenal)
Hauser, Tom Breaking Free (Global Awakening)
Hawkey, Ruth Generational And Family Blessings (Arsenal)
Hawkey, Ruth Healing The Human Spirit
Hayford, Jack, Penetrating the Darkness (Global Awakening)
Hayward, Chris Cleansing Stream Wk Bk 2003 HSM No #
Hayward, Chris Gods Cleansing Stream HSM No #
Hayward, Chris The End of Rejection 2007 0-8307-4317-0
Heidler, Robert Set Yourself Free (Revised and Updated) (Arsenal)
Hetland, Leif Healing the Orphan Spirit 2010 978-0-9830980-0-3
Hetland, Leif Baptism of Love (Global Awakening)
Hetland, Leif Healing the Orphan Spirit (Global Awakening)
Hill, Craig Ancient Paths (Arsenal)
Hill, Craig Bondage Broken (Arsenal)
Hirtler, Reinhard Power To Forgive (Arsenal)
Hislop, Alexander Two Babylons (Arsenal)
Hogue, Rodney Forgiveness 2008
Hogue, Rodney Forgiveness (Global Awakening)
Hopkins, Branson Unmasking Christadelphianism (Arsenal)
Horrobin, Fiona Intercession and Healing (Arsenal)
Horrobin, Peter Forgiveness Gods Master Key (Arsenal)
Horrobin, Peter Healing and Deliverance Vol I & II 1991 0-8007-9325-0
Horrobin, Peter Healing through Deliverance 2008 978-1-85240-345-4
Huch, Larry 10 Curses That Block the Blessing (Arsenal)
Huch, Larry Free At Last (Arsenal)
Huch, Larry Stopping the Storm of Anger (Arsenal)
Hunt, David Yoga and the Body of Christ (Arsenal)
Hunter, Joan Freedom Beyond Comprehension (Global Awakening)
Jackson, John Paul Breaking Free of Rejection 2004 1-58483-054-9
Jacobs, Cindy Deliver Us From Evil (Arsenal)
Jacobs, Cindy Possessing the Gates (Global Awakening)
Jones, Jessica Soul Ties And Legal Ground (Arsenal)
Kenda, R. T. Totally Forgiving God (Arsenal)
Kendal, R. T. How to Forgive Ourselves Totally (Arsenal)
Kendal, R. T. Total Forgiveness Revised and Updated (Arsenal)
Keyton, Bree Stripes Nails Thorns and the Blood (Arsenal)
Kitchen, Yvonne Freemasonry Death in the Church (Arsenal)
Kitchen, Yvonne Freemasonry Death in the Family (Arsenal)
Koch, Kurt Christian Counseling and Occultism 1972 0-8254-3010-0
Koch, Kurt Occult Bondage and Deliverance (Arsenal)
Koch, Kurt Occult Practices And Beliefs (Arsenal)
Komolafe, David Mightily Oppressed But Mightily Delivered (Arsenal)
Kottaridis, Karen Ministering To Soul Fragmentation (Arsenal)
Kraft, Charles Deep Wounds Deep Healing (Arsenal)
Kraft, Charles Two Hours To Freedom (Arsenal)
Kraft, Charles Defeating Dark Angels (Global Awakening)
Kraft, Charles H. Deep Wounds, Deep Healing 1993 0-89283-784-5
Kraft, Charles H. Defeating Dark Angels 1992 0-89283-773-X
Kunk, Larry How to Lead a Man Away From the Lodge DVD (Arsenal)
Kunk, Larry Open Letter to a Christian Mason (Arsenal)
Kylstra, Chester & Betsy Biblical Healing and Deliverance (Arsenal)
Kylstra, Chester & Betsy Restoring the Foundations (Arsenal)
Lambert, Greg Masonic Symbolism Explained (Arsenal)
Larson, Bob Curse Breaking (Arsenal)
Larson, Bob In The Name of Satan 1996 0-7852-7881-8
Larson, Bob Larson’s Book of Spiritual Warfare 1999 0-7852-6985-1
Leaf, Caroline Switch On Your Brain (Global Awakening)
Legako, Pat Deliverance Rescuing God’s People (Arsenal)
Leonard, Ernest Overcoming Witchcraft Familiar Spirits and Strongholds (Arsenal)
Linn, Matthew & Dennis Deliverance Prayer 1981 0-8091-2385-1
Logan. Jim Reclaiming Surrendered Ground 1995 0-8024-3948-9
Lozano, Neal Unbounded a guide to Deliverance 2003 0-8007-9328-5
Lucia, Martha Be Not Deceived (Arsenal)
Lucia, Martha Debt Structure (Arsenal)
Lucia, Martha System of the Beast (Arsenal)
MacGregor, Lorri How to Identify a Cult (Arsenal)
MacGregor, Lorri Pagan Roots of Jehovahs Witnesses (Arsenal)
MacGregor, Lorri Witnessing to Jehovahs Witnesses (Arsenal)
MacNutt, Francis Can Homosexuality Be Healed (Arsenal)
MacNutt, Francis Deliverance from Evil Spirits A Practical Manual 1995 0-8007-9232-7
MacNutt, Francis The Prayer That Heals 1981 0-87793-219-0
Maldonado, Guillermo Breaking Curses Loosening Blessings CD Teaching (Arsenal)
Maldonado, Guillermo Dangers of Unforgiveness (Arsenal)
Maldonado, Guillermo Deliverance the Childrens Bread (Arsenal)
Maldonado, Guillermo How to be Free from Sexual Bondage CD Teaching (Arsenal)
Maldonado, Guillermo How to Minister Deliverance Study Guide (Arsenal)
Maldonado, Guillermo How to Receive and Minister Deliverance Study Guide (Arsenal)
Maldonado, Guillermo Inner Healing and Deliverance (Arsenal)
Malone, Henry Portals to Cleansing 2002 0-9717065-0-6
Malone, Henry Shadow Boxing (Arsenal)
Marzullo, Frank Breaking the Curses of Deuteronomy 27 & 28 (Arsenal)
Marzullo, Frank Deliverance From Spirits Named in the Bible (Arsenal)
Marzullo, Frank Incubus and Succubus (Arsenal)
Marzullo, Frank Manual for the Deliverance Worker (Arsenal)
Marzullo, Frank Spirit of the Bride of Satan (Arsenal)
Marzullo, Frank Spirits that Attach to Leaders and Attack the Church (Arsenal)
Marzullo, Frank Jr. Serpents And Scorpion Spirits (Arsenal)
Mathias, Art Biblical Foundations of Freedom (Arsenal)
McAll, Kenneth A Guide to Healing the Family Tree 1996 1-882972-64-3
McAll, Kenneth Healing the Family Tree 1982 0-85969-352-8
McAll, Kenneth Healing the Haunted 1996 1-882972-76-7
McGuire, Kristine Escaping the Cauldron (Arsenal)
McKenney, Tom 33 Degrees of Deception (Arsenal)
McKenney, Tom Halloween Trick or Treat With the Festival of Death (Arsenal)
McKenney, Tom Holidays and Holy Days (Arsenal)
Milligan, Ira Scorpion Within (Arsenal)
Moody, Gene Deliverance Manual (Arsenal)
Moore, Russell Unmasking the Bahai Faith (Arsenal)
Mulitze, Dieter Pills for the Soul? (Arsenal)
Mullen, Grant Emotionally Free 2000 0-8007-9346-3
Murphy, Ed The Handbook for Spiritual Warfare 1992 0-7852-5026-3
Myles, Francis Breaking Generational Curses Under The Order Of Melchizedek (Arsenal)
Myles, Francis Principalities and Demons (Arsenal)
Nice, Dennis Exploring the Spirit of Adoption (Arsenal)
Oates, Kathi Open My Heart Lord (Arsenal)
Parish, Norman Deliver Thyself (Arsenal)
Penn, Elaine Rose Soul Ties 2000 0-9700449-0-9
Phillips, Ron Everyone’s Guide to Demons 2010 978-1-61638-127-1
Pierce, C. & Sytena, R Protecting Your Home From Spiritual Darkness 2000 0-8307-3637-9
Pierce, Cal Breaking the Deaf and Dumb Spirit (Arsenal)
Piscopo, Jerry Spiritual Warfare (Arsenal)
Powell, Graham Christian Set Yourself Free (Arsenal)
Prince, Derek Blessing or Curse You Can Choose 1990 0-8007-9166-5
Prince, Derek Curses Cause and Cure Cd Teaching (Arsenal)
Prince, Derek Does Your Tongue Need Healing? 1986 0-888368-239-7
Prince, Derek God’s Remedy for Rejection 1993 0-88368-864-6
Prince, Derek Release from the Curse Cd Teaching (Arsenal)
Prince, Derek They Shall Expel Demons 1998 0-8007-9260-2
Prince, Derek Rules of Engagement (Global Awakening)
Prince, Derek You Shall Receive Power (Global Awakening)
Rallo, Vito Breaking Generational Curses And Pulling Down Strongholds (Arsenal)
Rallo, Vito Exposing the Dangers Behind Martial Arts and Yoga (Arsenal)
Reese, Andy Freedom Tools (Global Awakening)
Richards, John But Deliver Us From Evil 1974 0-8164-1184-0
Roberts, Candyce Help for the Fractured Soul (Arsenal)
Roberts, Ted Pure Desire (Arsenal)
Robeson, Jerry & Carol Strongmans His Name II (Arsenal)
Robeson, Jerry & Carol Strongmans His Name…Whats His Game? (Arsenal)
Rousse, Drew Witches Brew in the Pew (Arsenal)
Sandford, John Why Good People Mess Up (Arsenal)
Sandford, John & Loren Life Transformed (Arsenal)
Sandford, John & Mark Deliverance and Inner Healing 1992 0-8007-9206-8
Sandford, John & Paula Awakening The Slumbering Spirit (Arsenal)
Sandford, John & Paula Choosing Forgiveness (Arsenal)
Sandford, John & Paula Gods Power to Change (Arsenal)
Sandford, John & Paula Growing Pains (Arsenal)
Sandford, John & Paula Healing The Wounded Spirit 1985 0-932081-14-2
Sandford, John & Paula Letting Go of Your Past (Arsenal)
Sandford, John & Paula Transformation of the Inner Man 1982 0-932081-13-4
Sandford, John L & Paula God’s Power to Change (Global Awakening)
Sandford, Paula Healing for a Womans Emotions (Arsenal)
Sandford, Paula Healing Victims of Sexual Abuse 1988 0-932081-21-5
Sandford, John L & Paula Restoring the Christian Family (Global Awakening)
Sappington, Thomas Letting God Be Judge (Arsenal)
Savard, Liberty Shattering Your Strongholds Updated and Expanded (Arsenal)
Savard, Liberty Unsurrendered Soul (Arsenal)
Scanlan, Michael Inner Healing 1974 0-8091-1846-7
Scanlan, Michael Deliverance From Evil Spirits 1980 0-89283-091-3
Schipper, Quinn Language of Forgiveness (Arsenal)
Schipper, Quinn Trading Faces (Arsenal)
Schnoebeelen, William Wicca (Arsenal)
Schnoebelen, William Masonry Beyond the Light (Arsenal)
Schnoebelen, William Lucifer Dethroned (Arsenal)
Seamands, David A. Healing for Damaged Emotions 1991 0-89693-938-3
Sgtevens, Selwyn New Age – old lie in new package (Arsenal)
Shaw, Owen HighWay of Forgiveness (Arsenal)
Sides, Dale Understanding and Breaking the Schemes of the Devil (Arsenal)
Sides, Dale Understanding and Breaking the Schemes of the Devil CD (Arsenal)
Sides. Dale M. Mending Cracks in the Soul 2002 1-58502-031-1
Smith, Alice Delivering the Captives (Arsenal)
Smith, Eddie & Alice Spiritual House Cleaning 2003 0-8307-3107–5
Smith, Judy Setting Yourself Free (Arsenal)
Smith, Judy Truths vs Lies (Arsenal)
Smith, Margaret Ritual Abuse 1993 0-06-250214-X
Smith, Patricia From Generation to Generation 1996 1-888871-24-5
Smith-Judy Set Yourself Free Little Children (Arsenal)
Sorge, Bob Dealing with Rejection and Praise of Man (Global Awakening)
Southern, Jill Sex God’s Truth (Arsenal)
Spurgeon, Charles Spurgeon on Prayer Spiritual War (Global Awakening)
Stabley, Ali Break Your Family Iniquities Forever (Arsenal)
Stapleton, Ruth Carter The Experience of Inner Healing 1977 0-8499-4120-2
Stapleton, Ruth Carter The Gift of Inner Healing 1976 0-87680-809-7
Stevens, Selwyn Alternative Health & Biblical Healing DVD (Arsenal)
Stevens, Selwyn Dealing With Costly Words and Actions (Arsenal)
Stevens, Selwyn Dealing with Costly Words and Actions DVD (Arsenal)
Stevens, Selwyn Dealing with Demons (Arsenal)
Stevens, Selwyn Dealing with Demons DVD (Arsenal)
Stevens, Selwyn Fatal Faith (Arsenal)
Stevens, Selwyn How to Avoid a Fatal Faith DVD (Arsenal)
Stevens, Selwyn How to Minister to Change Lives and Communities (Arsenal)
Stevens, Selwyn Insights into Martial Arts DVD (Arsenal)
Stevens, Selwyn Insights into Martial Arts, TM, Tai Chi and Yoga (Arsenal)
Stevens, Selwyn Servant of Two Masters (Arsenal)
Stevens, Selwyn Signs and Symbols (Arsenal)
Stevens, Selwyn Treated or Tricked (Arsenal)
Stevens, Selwyn Unmasking Freemasonry DVD (Arsenal)
Stevens, Selwyn Unmasking Freemasonry: Removing the Hoodwink 1999 1-877203-48-3
Stevens, Selwyn Unmasking Mormonism (Arsenal)
Stevens, Selwyn Unmasking Mormonism DVD (Arsenal)
Stevens, Selwyn Unmasking Spiritualism (Arsenal)
Stevens, Selwyn Unmasking the Watchtower (Arsenal)
Stevens, Selwyn Unmasking the Watchtower DVD (Arsenal)
Steward, Guy Mind Control (Arsenal)
Storms, E. M. Should a Christian Be a Mason (Arsenal)
Sudduth, Bill 5 Types of Curses DVD (Arsenal)
Sudduth, Bill Cautions In Deliverance DVD (Arsenal)
Sudduth, Bill Current Fads DVD (Arsenal)
Sudduth, Bill Current Interest in Deliverance DVD (Arsenal)
Sudduth, Bill Dealing with Fear DVD (Arsenal)
Sudduth, Bill Deliverance Training Manual 2010 978-0-9712520-2-8
Sudduth, Bill Entry Points of the Enemy DVD (Arsenal)
Sudduth, Bill Freemasonry Unlocking Their Secrets DVD (Arsenal)
Sudduth, Bill History of Exorcism DVD (Arsenal)
Sudduth, Bill How To Use The Questionnaire DVD (Arsenal)
Sudduth, Bill Islam Understanding Their Agenda DVD (Arsenal)
Sudduth, Bill Prayers of Deliverance Three Volume Set (Arsenal)
Sudduth, Bill Resisting The Devil DVD (Arsenal)
Sudduth, Bill So Free 2007 978-0-8007-9419-4
Sudduth, Bill Whats Behind the Ink? (Arsenal)
Sudduth, Bill Witchcraft Exposed DVD (Arsenal)
Sudduth, Bill Restoring Innocence 2008 0-9712520-4-1
Sudduth, Bill & Janet Restoring of Innocence (Arsenal)
Sudduth, Bill & Janet Understanding Multiple Personality Disorder DVD (Arsenal)
Sudduth, Janet Binding Power of Unforgiveness DVD (Arsenal)
Sudduth, Janet Counseling and Inner Healing DVD (Arsenal)
Sudduth, Janet Teaching on Trauma and Grief DVD (Arsenal)
Thomas, Paul Compromise the Church And Freemasonry (Arsenal)
Unknown Allies Ambushed (Arsenal)
Unknown Forgiving Others (Arsenal)
Unknown Freemasonry Death in the Church (Arsenal)
Unknown Freemasonry Death in the Family (Arsenal)
Unknown Journey of Love (Arsenal)
Unknown Lucifer Dethroned (Arsenal)
Unknown Ministering to Abortions Aftermath (Arsenal)
Unknown New Age – old lie in new package (Arsenal)
Unknown Rejection (Arsenal)
Unknown Serpents And Scorpion Spirits (Arsenal)
Unknown Set Yourself Free Little Children (Arsenal)
Unknown Shame Free (Arsenal)
Unknown Trauma An Open Door for Satan (Arsenal)
Unknown Truths vs Lies (Arsenal)
Unknown Understanding and Breaking the Schemes of the Devil CD (Arsenal)
Unknown Unsurrendered Soul (Arsenal)
Vallotton, Kris Spirit Wars (Global Awakening)
Vallotton, Kris Spiritual Warfare (Global Awakening)
Vallotton, Kris & Jason The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness (Global Awakening)
Vermaak, Natasha Repentance Cleansing Your Generational Bloodline (Arsenal)
Virkler, Mark & Patti Prayers that Heal the Heart 2001 0-88270-852-X
Wagner, C. Peter How to Have a Healing Ministry in Any Church 1988 0-8307-1526-6
Wagner, Doris How to Cast Out Demons (Arsenal)
Wagner, Doris How to Minister Freedom (Arsenal)
Wagner, Doris Understanding Basic Issues in Deliverance CD (Arsenal)
Wagner, Doris Understanding Basic Issues in Deliverance DVD (Arsenal)
Wagner, Doris M How to Cast Out Demons: A Beginner’s Guide 1999 1-58502-002-8
Wagner, Doris M., editor Ministering Freedom from Demonic Oppression Book 1 2002 1-58502-030-3
Wagner, Doris M., editor Ministering Freedom from Occult Bondages – Book 4 2004 1-58502-039-7
Wagner, Doris M., editor Ministering Freedom to the Emotionally Wounded – Book 2 2003 1-58502-034-6
Wagner, Doris M., editor Ministering Freedom to the Sexually Broken – Book 3 2003 1-58502-038-9
Wallace, James Occult Trap (Arsenal)
Wallace, James S. The Occult Trap 2004 1-58502-040-0
Westberg, Granger Good Grief (Global Awakening)
White, Judy Heart of Yoga Revealed (Arsenal)
White, Thomas B. The Believer’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare 1990 0-89283-680-6
Wright, Henry 8 Rs to Freedom (Arsenal)
Wright, Henry Bitterness (Arsenal)
Wright, Henry Cure Or Cover Up? (Arsenal)
Wright, Henry Envy And Jealousy (Arsenal)
Wright, Henry Fear (Arsenal)
Wright, Henry From the Inside Out (Arsenal)
Wright, Henry Insights into Addiction (Arsenal)
Wright, Henry Insights Into Allergies (Arsenal)
Wright, Henry Insights Into Cancer (Arsenal)
Wright, Henry Insights Into Cardiovascular Disease DVD (Arsenal)
Wright, Henry Insights Into Learning Disability DVD (Arsenal)
Wright, Henry Introduction To Occultism (Arsenal)
Wright, Henry It’s a New Day, Interviews with HW 10 DVD’s 25-30 min ea (Arsenal) 978-1-934680–59-0
Wright, Henry More Excellent Way (Hardcover) (Arsenal)
Wright, Henry More Excellent Way (Paper) (Arsenal)
Wright, Henry More Excellent Way (Study Guide) (Arsenal)
Wright, Henry Pathways to Health, Healing and Disease Prevention DVD (Arsenal)
Wright, Henry Unloving (Arsenal)
Wright, Henry Rejection (Arsenal)