Chapter 32 – 20 Questions for Deliverance

Questions to Ask the Seeker during Interview

Are they saved? How is your relationship with God? Have you given your life/heart to Jesus? Are you born again in water and the Holy Spirit?

Do you really want to be free? Are you sure? If they hesitate, postpone.

Open doors? Tell me your story. OR What has God been speaking to you?

Their sins – What sins have you committed? Lying, stealing, cheating?

Unforgiveness – Do you have unforgiveness against anyone? Are you
angry at anyone? Are you angry at God?

Sexual Sins – Have you committed fornication or adultery since you were born again? Do you need soul ties broken?

Abortion-Miscarriage – Have you ever had an abortion or miscarriage?

Occult – Have you had any exposure to the Occult – Ouija boards, fortune tellers, tarot cards, played Mary-Mary mirror on the wall, done levitation, went to a séance?

Divorce – Have you been divorced?

Curses – Is there a curse on your life?

Generational Curses or Influences – Any influences on your life from your ancestors such as: curses, addictions, witchcraft, polygamy, traditional ceremonies or cultural practices,

Tongue – Does your tongue need healing? Does it speak evil things?

Vows, Death Wishes – Have you made any vows to protect your heart, or death wishes?

Contaminated Objects – Do you have any defiled or contaminated objects? Is your home clean?

Involuntary Exposure – Have you been exposed to darkness involuntarily? Is God speaking to you about any other “gates” open which we have not covered?

Secret Societies – Do you belong to any secret societies, Free Masonry, Eastern Star?

Pride – Are you guilty of self sufficiency, control, self glory?

Sins against Them – Has anyone sinned against you? Have you been abused, physically, sexually or emotionally? Have they been adopted?

Sexual Abuse – Have you ever been sexually abused?

Rejection – Have you been rejected, by mother, father, ex-spouse, school mates?

Trauma – Have you been near death, or afraid you would die?

Image of God – Are you angry at God. Do you love yourself?

Self-Image – Do you feel worthless? Do you know God loves you?