Chapter 23 The Interview

The first step in the ministry of deliverance and probably the most important is identifying the open gates. This is the same as the first step of the 5 step physical healing model. This is done through either (1) having the seeker (the one who comes for deliverance prayer) read a book that has a comprehensive list, (2) give the seeker a prepared inventory such as the Gibson inventory (also used extensively by Doris Wagner and others) or (3) having the prayer team leader do a verbal inventory/interview when the seeker arrives for prayer. If the seeker is not educated about deliverance, the minister will need to take time to educate them about how gates get opened using the circle diagram at the end of this manual or other tools.

It should be easily recognized that praying for deliverance during a crusade, at the altar, in a healing line, or during ministry time after worship or preaching has serious limitations. It is difficult to hear, and a satisfactory interview is almost impossible. It also precludes the use of a written inventory. Therefore the minister should refer the seeker to a deliverance minister for a later appointment, or if time and circumstances permit, gather a team and move to a more quite place for ministry. Setting an appointment allows preparation for both the team and the seeker, and allows time for completion of a written inventory.

If an appointment is made for a later time, the minister will have to decide if a written inventory should be given to the seeker to complete prior to the appointment. A number of deliverance ministers including Doris Wagner use this approach. Others such as Noel and Phyl Gibson prefer to go through the printed interview verbally with the seeker prior to praying for deliverance.
Before beginning the interview, ascertain if the seeker has received salvation and is born again. If not, lead them to Christ first. Non-believers have no promise of deliverance. Then ask them if they want to be free. (Bottari step 4).

If the answer to both of these questions is yes, begin the interview by asking them (1) what the Lord is speaking to them, or (2) asking them to tell you their “story” or (3) asking them what they want God to do for them. Such beginning questions will give helpful insights as to which gates are open. The seeker may have identified one or more gates from a class or sermon, God telling them, or awareness from other sources. Seekers may know some of the gates that are open, but seldom will know all of them without education or interview questions. Therefore the prayer team leader must take time to ask questions of the seeker, and listen to the responses as well as to God. God may reveal open gates that are not on the inventory. Battori calls this step the “inquiry”. Below are guidelines for the interview.

Before the seeker comes to the prayer session if possible, have the seeker complete the Gibson inventory, which follows in the section, ), the Global Awakening (GA) inventory Global Awakening Ministry Team Training Manual Appendix 4 p 117-128, or the Inner Healing checklist found in Chapter 15 of this material.

  1. Listen to where the person says it hurts.
  2. Listen with one ear to the seeker and the other to the Lord.
  3. Determine if the problem(s) is a presenting problem or the root cause. A presenting problem is a recurring problem that is a symptom of a root problem. For example, a person comes for prayer with the presenting problem of a headache. The root problem is that previously in their life they visited a fortune teller and opened the door of the occult. In such cases, praying for the headache will not bring about long term healing; it is just a symptom of the greater root problem. The root cause must be identified and when it is healed, the headaches will most likely disappear without prayer. The seeker may have a much better idea of the need for deliverance than for inner healing. The written or verbal inventory needs to include experiences that require inner healing as well as deliverance.
  4. Situations that have strong possibilities of a need for inner healing include:
    being unwanted as a child
    being made fun of
    experiencing excessive fears
    death of a close family member (or someone dearly loved)
    involvement with curses
    being unloved as a child or as a wife
    being battered or abused (verbally, physically, or sexually)
  5. Ask about any unforgiveness early in the interview session; there will usually be unforgiveness toward the one(s) who hurt them.
  6. If there are physical infirmities that need healing, the critical question to ask is, “When did the physical infirmities begin?” If they began at the time of a traumatic experience, there needs to be more spiritual exploration to discern if the problems are really physical, or if they are the result of a spirit of infirmity (Luke 13:11).
  7. Inner healing and deliverance should be prayed for before prayers for physical healing. Some physical problems are caused by spiritual or demonic problems.
  8. Make notes on the gates that are open. Pray over the list and ask the Lord to show you which gates to pray for first. He will many times give you the agenda.
    10. The interview process should not take an extended period of time, 10-15 minutes; else the anointing for prayer may leave. The demons will try to influence the seeker to give long answers. You don’t need to hear all of their family history, only the problems.
  9. Determine all open doors or roots causes
  10. Ask God to show you any more “roadblocks/gates” not known to the seeker.
  11. Ask the others on the team if God has spoken to them about additional gates.
  12. Determine which gates need deliverance, and which need inner healing (those in which the seeker did not sin, but others sinned against them.)
  13. Only the team leader should do a verbal inventory. Too many speaking will cause confusion.
  14. The inquiry has to be pastoral. Seekers must be encouraged to open their hearts completely.
  15. Reassure the seeker of complete confidentiality.
  16. Never react to any responses you hear, even if they shock you.
  17. Do the interview with love, compassion and respect.

In Pastoral Deliverance the interview is step #1. If the seeker is manifesting demonic symptoms, the interview will be the 4th step from the Bottair model. The 20 question interview which follows has been used by Arlin Epperson along with the circle diagram at the end of this manual to educate hundreds of seekers about open gates and prepare them for deliverance and inner healing ministry in North America and Africa for over 25 years. The success rate is virtually 100%. It is the method portrayed in the 3rd video of Mary.

Questions to Ask the Seeker during a verbal Interview (Used by Arlin Epperson,
Are they saved? How is your relationship with God? Have you given your life/heart to Jesus? Are you born again in water and the Holy Spirit?

Do you really want to be free? Are you sure? If they hesitate, postpone.

Open doors? Tell me your story. OR What has God been speaking to you?

Their sins – What sins have you committed? Lying, stealing, or cheating?
Unforgiveness – Do you have unforgiveness against anyone? Are you
angry at anyone? Are you angry at God?
Sexual Sins – Have you committed fornication or adultery since you were born again? Do you need soul ties broken?
Abortion-Miscarriage – Have you ever had an abortion or miscarriage?
Occult – Have you had any exposure to the Occult – Oija boards, fortune tellers, tarot cards, played Mary Mary mirror on the wall, done levitation, went to a séance?
Divorce – Have you been divorced?
Curses – Is there a curse on your life?
Generational Curses or Influences – Any influences on your life from your ancestors such as: curses, addictions, witchcraft, polygamy, traditional ceremonies or cultural practices,
Tongue – Does your tongue need healing? Does it speak evil things? Do you lie?
Vows, Death Wishes – Have you made any vows to protect your heart, or death wishes? Have you ever thought about suicide, or wanted to die?
Contaminated Objects – Do you have any defiled or contaminated objects? Is your home clean?
Involuntary Exposure – Have you been exposed to darkness involuntarily? Has there been any great fear? Is God speaking to you about any other “gates” open which we have not covered?
Secret Societies – Do you belong to any secret societies, Free Masonry, Eastern Star? Do you now or have you had any relatives who belonged?
Pride – Are you guilty of self sufficiency, control, self glory?
Sins against Them – Has anyone sinned against you? Have you been abused, physically, sexually or emotionally? Have they been adopted?
Sexual Abuse – Have you ever been sexually abused?
Rejection – Have you been rejected, by mother, father, ex-spouse, school mates?
Trauma – Have you been near death, or afraid you would die?
Image of God – Are you angry at God. Do you love yourself?
Self-Image – Do you feel worthless? Do you know God loves you?


The Gibson inventory (or some adapted form of it) is probably the most widely used interview questionnaire (sometimes called an inventory) in deliverance ministry. Noel and Phyl Gibson have been identified by Doris Wagner as the best deliverance practitioners in the world. They have traveled to over 50 countries and done deliverance ministry for over 50 years. They are a pioneer in many areas of deliverance, particularly in rejection, and deliverance ministry for children. Their work and their books are not widely known in North American, as they lived in Australia. They have given open permission to copy or use the following inventory in deliverance ministry to anyone who would want to use it.
Name ________________________________Age _____ Location_________ Date ______
Reason for requesting ministry. _________________________________________________
I Rejection

1. Was your childhood relationship with your parents good? Bad? Indifferent? Problem with father? Problem with mother? (the Sps: refers to possible spirits that may be present if they answer yes).

2. Were you adopted or conceived out of wedlock? Sps: -rejection -self rejection -fear of rejection -hereditary rejection

3. Do you like to please people? Sps: -striving -achievement -performance -competitiveness

4. Are you a critical person? Sps: -criticism -judgment -envy -jealousy

5. Do you feel emotionally immature? What is your emotional age? Childishness? Adolescence? Emotional immaturity? Over maturity?

6. Do you have a low self image? Feel Worthless? Hate yourself? Inferiorities? Feel insecure? Condemn yourself? Punish yourself? Question your identity? Believe you are a failure? Sps: -lack of identity -hopelessness -despair -self accusation -self condemnation

7. (men) Was your father passive? Sps: -patriarchal bondage -hereditary apathy -passivity -lack of motivation -laziness

8. (women) Was your mother strong or manipulative? Sps: -matriarchal bondage -manipulation
– control

9. Was the reverse situation the case?

10.Was your family poor when you were a child? Sps: -poverty -shame -covetousness -materialism -greed -meanness

11. Has lying or stealing ever been a problem to you? Sps: -lying -deceit -stealing -kleptomania -hereditary roots

12. Were you lonely as a child or teenager? Sps: -unhappy -aloneness -withdrawn -independent -isolationism -grief

13. As a child, teenager, or later in life, did you ever suffer any injustices? If so who caused it? Name them: (Break any bondage to that person, Release any spirits) Sps: -fantasy -escapism -injustice -hurt -grief -anger -resentment -bitterness -revenge -rejection

14. Do you have difficulty in giving or receiving love? Inability to express emotion?
Sps: -bondage on emotions -coldness -emotional frigidity

15. Do you find it easy to communicate to persons close to you? Genuine difficulty? Stubbornness and unwillingness to communicate?

16. Are you a perfectionist? A workaholic? If so were either of your parent’s perfectionists? or workaholics? Sps: -hereditary perfectionism -driving spirit -frustrations -stress -obsession -relentlessness

17. Do you come from a proud family?

18. Do you personally have a problem with pride? Sps: -arrogance -ego -self esteem -self idolatry -false humility

19. Do you, or have you had a problem with: impatience? irritability? moodiness? rebellion? stubbornness? anger? temper? violence? temptation to murder?

20. Have you been or are you given to: swearing? blasphemies? obscenities?

21. Do you have unforgiveness? resentment? bitterness? hatred to anyone? grudges? hatred? revenge? violence? murder? Names(s) _______________________________________

II Mental and Emotional Problems

1. Are you easily frustrated? Do you show it or bury it?

2. Are you an anxious person? Do you worry? Get depressed?

3. Do or did either of your parents get depressed? Sps: -anxiety -worry -depression -hereditary heaviness -tension -nervousness -over-sensitivities.

4. Has any parent, grandparent, brother or sister ever suffered from nervousness or a mental problem? Name(s) Sps. -heredity psychiatric -schizophrenia –anxiety –neurosis
-manic -depression

5. Have you personally ever had psychiatric counseling? Hospitalization? Shock treatment? Psycho-analysis?

6. Have you ever been hypnotized? The reason? Sps: -mind control -confusion

7. Have you had an advanced education? Sps: -intellectualism -rationalism -humanism
-atheism -skepticism -unbelief -argumentiveness -unreasonableness -mockery -intellectual pride -arrogance -haughtiness -evolution

8. To your knowledge, has any member of your close family ever been a Freemason? Masonic Lodge? (the curse of Freemasonry and the Luciferan doctrine) Sps: -idolatry -occult -witchcraft -mockery -anti-Christ -apathy -hardness of emotion -confusion -skepticism -doubt -unbelief -infirmities -sickness -allergies -financial disaster –poltergeist -the third eye -false religion -deception -comprehension difficulties. (Destroy regalia).

9. Do you ever feel mentally confused? Have mental blocks? confusion? indecisiveness? darkness?

10. Do you day-dream? Or have mental fantasies? Sps: -escapism -grandeur

11. Do you suffer from bad dreams? Or nightmares? Sleeplessness? Sps: -death -violence -fears -lust

12. Have you ever thought about committing suicide? Have you tried? Sps: -destroying spirit -self destruction -death

13. Have you ever wished to die? Or spoken it aloud? Sps: -death

14. Have you ever been bothered with any of the following fears? failure? inability to cope? inadequacy? authority figures? the dark? death? rape? violence? being alone? Satan and evil spirits? the future? men? women? crowds? the opinions of people? insanity? public speaking? accident? death or injury to loved ones? heights? agoraphobia? enclosed spaces? divorce or marriage break up? terminal disease? old age? marriage? abandonment? spiders? snakes? dogs? animals? water? pain? loud noises? flying? Any other fears.

III Occultism and Witchcraft

1. Have you ever made a pact with the devil? (break pact) Sps: anti-Christ -control – affliction

2. To your knowledge, has any curse ever been put on you or on your family? Gypsies?

3. To your knowledge, have either of your parents, or any grandparent ever been involved in occultism or witchcraft? Who was it? To what extent? (witch – wizard – family curse – familiar spirits – astrology – spiritualism – tea cups etc)

4. Have you ever had personal experience with: fortune tellers? tarot cards? ouija boards? séances? mediums? palmistry? astrology? star sign? color therapy? levitation? astral travel? horoscopes? lucky charms? pendulum diagnosis? occult games? black magic? demon worship? clairvoyance? crystals? New Age movement?

5. Have you ever read books on occultism or witchcraft? What writers? (Dennis Wheatley – Edgar Cayce – Shirley McLean – Allister Crowley – Jean Dixion – Ram Dass – Jonathan Livingston Seagul – Eckart – Johann Greber)

6. Have you played demonic games such as dragons and dungeons? Watched demonic or horror films?

7. Have you done transcendental meditation? Did you have a mantra? Name? Sps:
-Hinduism – Buddhism –idolatry –deception –darkness

8. Have you been involved in Eastern religions? Followed a guru? Sps: -name of guru –swami –leader –religious deception –idolatry –anti-truth –anti-Christ.

9. Have you ever gone inside heathen temples? Made offerings?

10. Have you ever done any form of yoga? Meditation? Exercises?

11. Have you ever learned or used any form of mind communication? Or control of others? E.S.P? silva mind control? mind dynamics? mind mediumship? Sps: -confusion

12. Have you ever used your mind to control your own emotions? (release locked in emotions, and any spirit of anti-love)

13. Were your parents or grandparents superstitious? Were or are you? Sps: -superstition –roots

14. Have you ever worn lucky charms, or signs of the zodiac? (Smash, burn or destroy charms, signs, items of superstition) (break influence and cleanse)

15. Do you have any symbols of idols or spirit worship? tikis? Buddhas? totem poles? face masks? (need to burn)

16. Are you turned on by: Demonic Art? Abstract Art? Surrealistic art? Floral art such as Ikebano or Rikka? (break any bondage and release) Sps: -domination.

17. Do you get a buzz out of certain music? Classical? rock & roll? Punk rock? Break dancing? country & western? heavy metal? acid? Gothic? New Age? Hip-hop rap? (break bondages and release dominating spirits)

18. Have you ever learned any of the martial arts? Kung fu? Tae kwon do? Karati? (only 3 of many forms)

19. Have you ever had premonitions? Delay yu? psychic sight? Sps: -hered – false spiritual gifts – familiar spirits –deception

20. Have you ever been involved in fire-walking? Voodoo? Corroborees?

IV Sexual

1. Do you have lustful thoughts? Fantasy lust? Lust of the eyes? Type? Heterosexual? Homosexual? Pedophilia? bi-sexual?

2. To your knowledge, was there any evidence of lust in your parents or grandparents? Sps: -hereditary lust –other relevant spirits.

3. Have you been a masturbator? Do you still masturbate? Sps: -habit –unforgiveness to self –guilt –false comfort

4. Were you ever sexually molested by someone outside your family as a child or teenager? By Whom? Sps: -molestation – defilement –hatred –lust, (break bondages to the perpetrator)

5. Have you ever been the victim of incest committed by a family member? Name? Sps:
-incest –frigidity -anger -hatred -guilt -shame

6. (Men) Have you ever molested or raped anyone or committed incest? Or been raped?
(Women) Have you ever been raped or sexually assaulted?

7. Have you ever committed fornication? (single persons) Or adultery? (at least one party was married)
Or have you been involved in heavy petting? Sps: -erotic stimulation -incest –fornication –adultery -technical fornication or adultery –exposure -multiple sex -exposure for porno photography.

8. (Men) Have you ever had homosexual desire, or experience or relationships? Name of regular partner(s) if any: Sps: -gay and homosexual spirits –anti-feminism –rejection
-idolatry arty -the male phallus -oral sex -anal oral sex -degradation -shame -guilt
(women) Have you ever had a lesbian desire, experience or relationship? Name of regular partner(s) if any: Sps: -lesbianism -feminism -anti-male -idolatry to sex organs -rejection -shame -guilt

9. (Married Women) Are you sexually frigid? Sps: -frigidity -emotional coldness -resentment -bitterness -punishment

10. Have you ever sexually fantasized about an animal? Or committed an act? (name the spirit of the animal and evict it) Sps: -bestiality -guilt -shame -fantasy

11. Has pornography ever attracted you? Have you seen porno movies? videos? Or live sex shows? (break and evict spirit responsible) Sps: fantasy -lust -habit –fascination.

12. Have you ever been involved in oral sex? Sps: -guilt -shame –degradation -idolatry to sexual organs -unforgiveness -frigidity – male phallus in women.

13. (women) Have you ever had anal sex? Sps: -homosexuality -sodomy -degradation -shame -guilt -rejection.

14. Have you ever had an abortion? Sps: -murder -death -crying spirit in womb -grief
-unforgiveness -resentment -bitterness -hatred

15. (Men) Have you ever been responsible for an abortion, encouraged, paid for, driven a women for an abortion?

16. Have you ever had inner sexual stimulation and climax (out of your control) by day or night? Sps: -incubus -succubus -spirits of demonic mind control -guilt -degradation

V Addictions

1. What addictions are known to be in your family? Name? (break hereditary addictions)

2. Have you ever been addicted to : Drugs? (Prescribed or hallucinatory?) Alcohol? Smoking? Food? Gambling? Compulsory exercise? Being a spendthrift? Sps: -false comfort -roots and hereditary roots of addictions -lust for – habit -desire -taste -smell -compulsiveness as appropriate. NOTE: some regard television viewing as an addiction. Coffee may be also. It is particularly linked with cigarette smoking.

VI Ethnic – Cultural

1. What was your country of birth?

2. Have you lived in other countries? Names? (release cultural spirits of country of residence, as well as countries lived in)

3. Where was your mother born? Your father?

4. Where were your grandparents born? Mother’s Mother Mother’s father? Father’s mother? Father’s father? (release ethnic spirits)

5. Have you ever been in a counter culture? Surfers? Bikers? Hippies? Drug drop outs? New Age?
VII Religious

1. What is your church background? Sps: -legalism -pride -church discrimination -idolatry
-Mary or saint worship (break dedication to a saint)
2. Have you, our parents, or grandparents been in any false cults? Name: Rosicrucians? Jehovah’s Witnesses? Christian Science? Mormons? Radio Church of God (H. W. Armstrong)? Scientology? Unity? Theosophy? Including Rudolph Steiner’s anthroposophy? Spiritist Churches? control by religious gurus? The unification Church (Moonies)? The Children of Love? Christadelphians? Bahal? Religious communes? dominating shepherd communities? (release spirits of the cult) Sps: deception – anti-Christ -false doctrine -unbelief

VIII Spiritual

1. Tell me in one word who Jesus Christ is to you? (idea – Savior or Lord)

2. What does the blood of Jesus Christ mean to you? (heart experience, not head experience)

3. Do you have assurance of salvation? (rejection victims may not have)

4. Are you willing to repent from every sinful attitude, action, or habit you have?

5. Do you have a problem with doubt or unbelief in everyday Christian living?
IX Sundry

1. Do you suffer from any chronic sickness, illness, or allergy?

2. Do you have any other problems that you feel that this questionnaire hasn’t uncovered?
Counselee’s prayer and renunciation (to be repeated aloud before ministry)

“I confess Jesus Christ to be my personal Savior. I renounce any oppression of the evil one in my life because of the iniquity, transgression and sin of my parents, ancestors or myself, and claim release and cleansing through the blood of Jesus Christ. I repent from every sinful attitude, action, or habit of mine which does not glorify Jesus Christ, and ask for forgiveness, release, cleansing and wholeness.”

“I renounce the devil and all demonic influences, bondages, dominations (sickness, infirmities, allergies) in my life. I claim the release and freedom promised by Jesus Christ, so that He may be LORD of my personality, and be glorified in all I say and do AMEN”


The above questionnaire is from Noel & Phyl Gibson Freedom in Christ, 1996, New Wine Press, England. Pages 160-164. Copyright is waived for counselors who wish to make copies for personal use.