Chapter 14 Freemasonry

Many people within our country, including ministers, have been involved in one or another of the various societies of freemasonry. Often individuals who come for prayer to be set free of freemasonry have either been directly involved in it or have had Masonic influences within their ancestry. Simply stated, freemasonry is a fraternal (or brotherly) organization that has certain secret rituals which open doors in our spirits to dark influences. This is also considered a Generational Influence as discussed in a previous section.

Freemasonry had its beginning in the 1600s in Scotland and Great Britain, and their societies have now spread worldwide. There currently may be as many as 3.5 million members in the U.S. alone. While the Masons have regarded themselves as a secret society, their beliefs and practices have been well-documented by previous members and by Christian re-searchers. Scholarly books have been written on the history of the Masonic rites. This section discloses a brief account of why people need to be set free from the harmful effects of Masonry.

Individuals enter a “lodge” for business and societal reasons, and to join an association of friends upon whom they can rely. Many of the past presidents of the United States (including George Washington) were Masons, and the back of our dollar bill is filled with Masonic symbols (such as the all-seeing eye of the Grand Architect of the Universe).

The early history of the practices of the Masons set them in opposition to organized churches, Catholicism in particular. The Masons were responsible for various religious perse-cutions (in the 18th Century, for example, in several countries, the Jesuits were suppressed by them). The opposition was so strong that Catholics were forbidden to join the Masons.

Christians have traditionally been against Masonry because the church has stood against societies that require taking oaths of secrecy, with dire threats of evil (and death) incurred for violating the “curse” (breaking the secrecy). If you have read any of the initiation rites at the various levels (all the way up to the 33rd Degree), you recognize that they elicit fear at a very deep level (at one level, for instance, a noose is placed around the neck).

A second reason churches have been against Masonry organizations involves the physical and emotional ailments which ensue, to members and to the sons and daughters (to the fourth generation, Ex. 34:7) of those who are Masons. Consider the following examples as personally experienced and noted by Barbara Cassada, in her book Unto Death. Only first names are given in her examples below, to provide anonymity.

Kristi—Conditions: manic-depressive, Satanic ritual abuse, multiple personality disorder. Connection: her step-father was a Mason.
George—Conditions: heart by-pass surgery, manic-depressive; father died of heart prob-lems. Connection: his father was a Mason.
Allen—Conditions: Multiple Personality Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, suicide tendencies, migraine headaches, bleeding ulcers, homosexuality, clinical depression: Moth-er’s conditions: breast cancer, mental instability, migraine headaches, heart disease. Con-nection: paternal Great Grandfather and Grandmother involved with DeMolay; paternal uncle was a Mason.
Karen—Condition: lupus. Connection: a family member was a Mason; she was involved with Triangle Girls.
Don—Conditions: himself, infertility; his sister, pancreatic cancer and Marfan’s Syndrome, resulting in open-heart surgery. Connection: Masons in both father’s and mother’s family lines.

Cassada goes on to list four full-pages of similar accounts from her ministry. I could prepare a similar list.
Masons and their family members seem to have an over-abundance of the following health problems: continuous miscarriages, colon cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, heart problems, organ malfunctions, Crone’s disease, brain tumors, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and premature death of either children or other relatives.

The most alarming factor with regard to this society, however, is that false gods (re-placing our Lord Jesus Christ) are involved. For example, Egyptian gods (Horus, Set, and Isis) are involved at the 31st Degree. With each escalating degree, the confusion and idolatry increase, until Lucifer himself becomes part of the initiation. The sin involved in Masonry is ultimately idolatry and involves the rejection of Jesus Christ as our only Savior.
The idolatry curses associated with this membership are derived from the following examples from their beliefs and practices:

The name of Jesus has been omitted from prayers.
Blood-curdling oaths (to maintain secrecy) became part of initiation rites.
The name of their deity is “secret.” The central deity is neither Jesus Christ nor God, and therefore, members are being deceived into committing idolatry.
Use of the “all seeing eye of spiritual light” in the form of a pyramid.
Members are promised acceptance (after death) into “the Grand Lodge in the sky.”
Even though the Bible is acknowledged as a sacred writing, only a few selected passages are used in their worship and beliefs.
Every freemason is open to interpret the sacred writings for themselves.
Some orders (during initiation) participate in mock hangings, beheadings, and the drinking of blood.
Masons take an oath to be loyal to and to protect one another no matter what the cost. This loyalty can supersede family members or church membership.
Oaths and testimonies are signed with their own blood (a common practice within witchcraft circles).
Oaths include penalties of death or dismemberment for violating the rules or for breaking their secrecy.
Oaths are given “blindly”—one line at a time—so initiates do not know in advance to what they will be (and are) swearing.
Initiations are performed in darkness. Clothing is opened. A rope noose (called a cable-tow) is placed around the neck and the initiate is blindfolded with a “hoodwink.”
At some levels of masonry, initiates are anointed with oil and proclaimed to be “Priests for-ever after the Order of Melchizedek,” (a reference taken—but misapplied—from scripture).

Members of the organizations listed below are the subject of demonic curses that not only affect them but that also affect members of their families (and all those who follow through the ancestral line for generations thereafter), all this attributed to their gross and blasphemous idolatry:

Order of the Eastern Star
Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem
Order of Amaranth
Order of DeMolay
Daughters of the Easter Star
Daughters of the Nile
International Order of Job’s Daughters
International Order of Rainbow Girls
Odd fellows

An appropriate summary of the dogma of freemasonry is stated by Rev. Lymon Ellis in Blinded by the Lie:
“Not one of the thirty three degrees of Freemasonry contains any spiritual truth worth all the secrecy and curses. The secrecy and curses only serve to hide, deceive and confuse those who would exam Masonry more closely. Masonry takes selected bits of Christianity, but sets them on top of a very anti-Christian foundation.”

Membership in one Freemason society (or their related organizations) opens a spiritual gate that is seldom recognizable. For more details about these beliefs and practices, seekers are encouraged to obtain one or more of the following resources, giving much greater detail about the curses of freemasonry and the stories of those who have been freed from their in-fluence.


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Seekers that have freemasonry in their current or ancestral line are encouraged to read the following prayer aloud in the presence of intercessors.

Prayer for Freedom from Freemasonry

(This prayer model has been taken [and adapted] from Unmasking Freemasonry by S. Stevens; it is used with permission.) Have the seeker read the following prayer aloud. While this prayer is lengthy, the extra time is of little consequence to the benefit of assuring that all open gates are closed.

Father God, Creator of heaven and earth, I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son. I come as a sinner seeking forgiveness and cleansing from all sins committed against you and others made in your image. I honor my earthly father and mother and all of my flesh and blood ancestors, and also those of the spirit by adoption and godparents, but I utterly turn away from and renounce all their sins.

I forgive all my relatives and ancestors for passing on the effects of their sins to me and my children. I confess and renounce all of my own sins in this area as well. I renounce and rebuke Satan and every spiritual power of his which affects me and all members of my family, in the worthy name of Jesus.

I renounce and forsake all involvement in freemasonry or any other lodge or craft by my ancestors, my relatives, and by myself. I renounce witchcraft, the principal spirit behind freemasonry, and I renounce Baphomet—the Spirit of Antichrist and the curse of the Luciferian doctrine. I renounce the idolatry, blasphemy, secrecy, and deception of Masonry at every level. I specifically renounce the insecurity, the love of position and power, the love of money, avarice and greed, and the pride which led my ancestors into Masonry. I renounce all the fears which held them in Masonry, especially the fear of death, the fear of men, and the fear of trusting, in the precious name of Jesus Christ.

I renounce every position held in the lodge by myself and any of my ancestors, including “Tyler,” “Master,” “Worshipful Master” or any other. I renounce the calling of any man “Master,” for Jesus Christ is my only master and Lord, and He forbids anyone else being called by that title. I renounce the entrapping of others into Masonry and observing the helplessness of others during the rituals. I renounce the effects of Masonry passed on to me through any female ancestor who felt distrusted and rejected by her husband as he entered and attended any lodge and refused to tell her of his secret activities. I pray for all these favors in the blessed name of Jesus Christ, my Savior.

lst Degree
I renounce the oaths taken and the curses involved in the 1st (or entered Apprentice) Degree, especially their effects on the throat and tongue. I renounce the hoodwink (the blindfold) and its effects on the emotions and eyes, including all confusion, fear of the dark, fear of the light, and fear of sudden noises. I renounce the secret word, BOAZ, and all it means. I renounce the mixing and mingling of truth and error, and the blasphemy of this de-gree of Masonry. I renounce the noose around the neck, the fear of choking, and also every spirit causing asthma, hay fever, emphysema, or any other breathing difficulty. I renounce the compass point, sword, or spear held against the breast, the fear of death by stabbing pain, and the fear of heart attack instilled from this degree.
I now pray for healing of the throat, vocal cords, nasal passages, sinuses, bronchial tubes, etc., for healing of the speech area, and the release of the Word of God to me and through me and all members of my family, in the name of Jesus Christ.

2nd Degree
I renounce the oaths taken and the curses involved in the 2nd (or Fellow Craft) Degree of Masonry, especially the curses on the heart and chest. I renounce the secret words JACHIN and SHIBBOLETH and all that these mean. I cut off the emotional hardness, apathy, indifference, unbelief, and deep anger, felt and experienced by me and all members of my family. I pray for the healing of my chest, lungs, and heart areas, and also for the healing of my emotions, and I ask that I be made sensitive to the Holy Spirit of God, in the name of Jesus Christ.

3rd Degree
I renounce the oaths taken and the curses involved in the 3rd (or Master Mason) Degree, especially the curses on the stomach and womb area. I renounce the secret words MA-HA BONE, MACHABEN, MACHBINNA, and TUBAL CAIN, and all that they mean. I renounce the spirit of death from the blows to the head enacted as ritual murder, the fear of death and false martyrdom, the fear of violent gang attack, assault or rape, and the helplessness of this degree. I renounce the falling into the coffin (or stretcher) involved in the ritual of murder. I renounce the false resurrection of this degree, because only Jesus Christ is the Resurrection and the Life! I also renounce the blasphemous kissing of the Bible on a witch-craft oath. I cut off all spirits of death, witchcraft, and deception, and in the name of Jesus Christ, I pray for the healing of (naming those that apply) my stomach, gall bladder, womb, liver, and any other organs of my body affected by masonry, and I ask for a release of com-passion, understanding, and forgiveness for me and my family. I pray for all these favors in the blessed name of Jesus Christ.

Holy Royal Arch Degree
I renounce and forsake the oaths taken and the curses and iniquities involved in the Holy Royal Arch Degree of Masonry, especially the oath regarding the removal of the head from the body and the exposing of the brains to the hot sun. I renounce the Mark Lodge and the mark in the form of squares and angles which marks the person for life. I also reject the jewel, or talisman, which may have been made from this mark sign and worn at lodge meet-ings.
I renounce the false secret name of God, JAHBULON, and declare total rejection of all worship of false pagan gods, namely Bul or Baal and On or Osiris. I also renounce the password, AMMIRUHAMAH, and its occult meaning. I renounce the false communion or eucharist taken in this degree, and all the mockery, skepticism, and unbelief about the re-demptive work of Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary. I repent of and cut off all these curses and their effects upon me and my family, and I command healing of the brain and the mind, in the name of Jesus Christ.

18th Degree
I renounce the oaths taken and the curses involved in the 18th Degree of Masonry, the Most Wise Sovereign Knight of the Pelican and the Eagle and Sovereign Prince Rose Croix of Heredom. I renounce and reject the Pelican witchcraft spirit, as well as the occult influence of the Rosicrucians and the Kabbala in this degree. I renounce the claim that the death of Jesus Christ was a “dire calamity” and the deliberate mockery and twisting of the Christian doctrine of the Atonement. I renounce the blasphemy and rejection of the deity of Jesus Christ and the secret words IGNE NATURA RENOVATURINTEGRA and its burning. I renounce the mockery of the communion taken in this degree, including a biscuit, salt, and white wine, in the name of Jesus.

30th Degree
I renounce the oaths taken and the curses involved in the 30th Degree of Masonry, the grand Knight Kadosh and Knight of the Black and White Eagle. I renounce the password, STIBIUMALKABAR, and all it means, in the blessed name of Jesus.

31st Degree
I renounce the oaths taken and the curses involved in the 31st Degree of Masonry, the Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander. I renounce all the gods and goddesses of Egypt which are honored in this degree, including Anubis with the ram’s head, Osiris the sun god, Isis the sister and wife of Osiris, and also the moon goddess. I renounce the Soul of Cheres, the false symbol of immorality, the Chamber of the Dead and the false teaching of reincarnation, in the name of Jesus.

32nd Degree
I renounce the oaths taken and the curses involved in the 32nd Degree of Masonry, the Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret. I renounce masonry’s false trinitarian deity, AUM, and its parts: Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the preserver) and Shiva (the destroyer). I renounce the deity of AHURA-MAZDA, the claimed spirit or source of all light, and the worship with fire (which is an abomination to God), and drinking from a human skull, as done in some societal rites, in the name of Jesus Christ.

York Rite
I renounce the oaths taken and the curses involved in the York Rite of freemasonry, including Mark Master, Past Master, Most Excellent Master, Royal Master, Select Master, Super Excellent Master, the Orders of the Red Cross, the Knights of Malta, and the Knights Templar degrees. I renounce the secret words of JOPPA, KEBRAIOTH, and MAHER-SHALAL-HASHBAZ. I renounce the vows taken on a human skull, the crossed swords, and the curse and death wish of Judas, of having the head cut off and placed on top of a church spire. I renounce the unholy communion and especially drinking from a human skull, as done in some societal rites, in the blessed name of Jesus Christ.
I renounce the oaths taken and the curses and penalties involved in the Ancient Ara-bic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. I renounce the piercing of the eyeballs with a three-edged blade, the flaying of the feet, the madness, and the worship of the false god Al-lah, the god of our fathers. I renounce the hoodwink, the mock hanging, the mock behead-ing, the mock drinking of the blood of the victim, the mock dog urinating on the initiate, and the offering of urine as a commemoration, in the blessed name of Jesus Christ.

33rd Degree
I renounce the oaths taken and the curses involved in the 33rd Degree of Masonry, the Grand Sovereign Inspector General. I renounce and forsake the declaration that Lucifer is God. I renounce the cable-tow around the neck. I renounce the death wish—that the wine drunk from a human skull should turn to poison—and the skeleton, whose cold arms are solicited if the oath of this degree is violated. I renounce the three infamous assassins of their Grand Master, law, property, and religion, and the greed and witchcraft involved in the at-tempt to manipulate and control the rest of mankind, in the blessed name of Jesus Christ.

All Other Degrees
I renounce all the other oaths taken, the rituals of every other degree, and the curses therein involved. I renounce all other lodges and secret societies, such as Prince Hall Freemasonry, Mormonism, The Order of Amaranth, Oddfellows, the Buffalos, Druids, Foresters, Orange, Elks, Moose and Eagles Lodges, the Ku Klux Klan, The Grange, the Woodmen of the World, Rider of the Red Robe, the Knights of Pythias, the Mystic Order of the Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm, the women’s Orders of the Eastern Star and of the White Shrine of Jerusalem, the girls’ Order of the Daughters of the Eastern Star, the International Orders of Job’s Daughters and of Rainbow Girls, and the boy’s Order of DeMolay, and their effects upon me and all members of my family, in the precious name of Jesus Christ.

I renounce the ancient pagan teaching and symbolism of the First Tracing Board, the Second Tracing Board, and the Third Tracing Board, as used in the rituals of the Blue Lodge. I renounce the pagan ritual of the “Point with a Circle” with all its bondages and phallus (pe-nis) worship. I renounce the occult mysticism of the black and white mosaic checkered floor, with the tessellated (or adorned) pagan symbolism and bondages. I renounce and utterly for-sake the Great Architect of the Universe, who is revealed in the higher degrees as Lucifer, and his false claim to be the universal fatherhood of God. I also renounce the false claim that Lucifer is the Morning Star and Shining One, and I declare that Jesus Christ alone is the Bright and Morning Star spoken of in Revelation 22:16.

I renounce the All-Seeing Third Eye of freemasonry or Horus in the forehead and its pagan and occult symbolism. I renounce all false communions, all mockery of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary, all unbelief, confusion, and depression, and all worship of Lucifer as God. I renounce and forsake the lie of freemasonry—that man is not sinful, just imperfect, and so can redeem himself through good works. I rejoice that the Bible declares that I cannot do a single thing to earn my salvation, and that I can only be saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and what He accomplished on the Cross at Calvary.

I renounce all fear of insanity, anguish, death wishes, suicide, and death in the name of Jesus Christ. Death was conquered by Jesus Christ, and He alone holds the keys of death and health, and I rejoice that He holds my life in His hands even now. He came to give me life abundantly and eternally, and I believe in His promises.

I renounce all anger, hatred, murderous thoughts, revenge, retaliation, spiritual apathy, false religion, and unbelief, especially unbelief in the Holy Bible as God’s Word, and all occasions of compromising God’s Word. I renounce all spiritual searching into false religions and all my striving to please God, who already knows and loves me eternally. I rest in the knowledge that I have found my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and that I am no more “lost” to Him—He has found me.

I will burn all objects in my possession which connect me with all lodges and occult organizations, including masonry, and witchcraft, their regalia, aprons, books of rituals, rings, and other apparel and jewelry. I renounce the effects these (or other objects of masonry, such as the compass, the square, the noose, or the blindfold) have had upon me or any members of my family, in Jesus’ blessed name.

Holy Spirit, I ask that you show me anything else I need to do or from which I need to pray, so that I and all members of my family may be totally free from the consequences of the sins of masonry, witchcraft, and paganism—and from any and all things unrighteous.

Now, Father God, I ask humbly for the blood of Jesus Christ, your Son, to cleanse me from all these sins of which I have confessed and renounced, to cleanse my spirit, my soul, my mind, my emotions, and every part of my body which has been affected by these sins, in Jesus’ holy name!

I renounce every evil spirit associated with masonry, witchcraft, and all other sins, and I command—in the name of Jesus Christ—for Satan and every evil spirit to be bound and to leave me now, touching or harming no one, and that they go to the place appointed by the Lord Jesus, never again to return to me or any member of my family. I call on the name of the Lord Jesus alone to be delivered of these spirits, in accordance with the many promises mentioned in the Bible. I ask to be delivered of every spirit of sickness, infirmity, curse, affliction, addiction, disease, or allergy associated with these sins of which I have confessed and renounced.

I surrender to God’s Holy Spirit—and to no other spirit—all the places in my life where these sins have been. I ask you, Lord, to baptize me in your Holy Spirit now, according to the promises of your Word. I take to myself the whole armor of God in accordance with Ephesians chapter six and rejoice in its protection as Jesus surrounds me and fills me with His Holy Spirit.

I enthrone you, Lord Jesus, within my heart, for you are my Lord and my Savior, the source of eternal life. Thank you, Father God, for your mercy, your forgiveness, and your life, in the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen. (Note: Those who have actually been involved in the various degrees of freemasonry are encouraged to symbolically do the following, as they read the prayer above.)

Symbolically remove the blindfold (hoodwink) and give it to the Lord for disposal.
In the same way, symbolically remove the veil of mourning.
Symbolically cut and remove the noose from around the neck; gather it up with the cable-tow running down the body and give it all to the Lord for His disposal.
Renounce the false freemasonry marriage covenant, removing from the 4th finger of the right hand the ring of this false marriage covenant and giving it to the Lord to dispose of.
Symbolically remove the chains and bondages of freemasonry from your body.
Symbolically remove all freemasonry regalia and armor, especially the apron.
Symbolically remove the ball and chain from the ankles.
Repent of and seek forgiveness for having walked on unholy ground, including freemasonry lodges and temples.
Proclaim that Satan and his demons no longer have any legal right to mislead and manipulate you.

Reversing the Effects of Freemasonry By Linda Heidler E:mail: (These are from power point slides condensed from the International So-ciety of Deliverance Ministers 2011 Annual Conference in Oklahoma City, OK)

Let us look at the rituals involved in initiation into Freemasonry to show how they affect us and how these effects can be reversed. We usually go through the different steps in the ceremony and repent and renounce the symbols, but do not look at the effect they have on the entire person. When you look at the symbolism of each step, what you see is a well thought out and thorough system designed to capture the spirit, soul and body of a person as well as to gain control of their identity, destiny and value. Each step of the ceremony re-quires the person to relinquish part of who they are to Freemasonry. Repenting and renounc-ing does not restore what was lost in the ceremony. Reclaiming what was relinquished al-lows a person to submit to God and resist the devil more effectively.

Effect on Identity, Worth and Destiny
Removal Of Clothing.
Clothing is linked to identity. The person is stripped of their identity and given a new identity – pajamas. Not for going out, passive, sleep. Later, they are given garments which identify them as Masons.

Removal Of All Valuables – money, keys, rings and other jewelry.
These have to do with a person’s value, both personal and material. Their God given intrinsic worth and value as a person is lost. Their personal value now comes from how valu-able they are to Freemasonry.

Slipshod Slipper & Checkerboard.
The right foot has a slipper put on it, designed to make their walk slippery. Their path is not clear, but a mixture of darkness and light. Their ability to find the path for their life and fulfill their destiny becomes uncertain.

Effect on Soul
Hoodwink – Head is covered, intellect, mind is surrendered to Freemasonry

Cable Tow – Person is bound and led by someone else, free will is surrendered to Freemasonry

Dagger To Left Breast – Heart, seat of emotion is exposed and submitted to Free-masonry.

All elements of the soul, the mind, emotion and will are all surrendered to Freemasonry.

Effects on the Body

Vows And Oaths Curses Spoken Against The Body.- All internal organs endocrine and immune systems the reproductive system the eyes, brain, ears and tongue all extremities.

Effect on the Spirit

Seeking The Light Of Freemasonry -This statement submits the spirit of the person to the deception of Freemasonry. Spiritual discernment is lost. A spirit that opposes the Ho-ly Spirit is given preeminence. The person is captured in false worship and is deceived into believing that it is worship of the true God. The stated purpose of the first degrees is to con-ceal the “higher truths” from initiates. Not until they have gone further are they introduced to worship of Greek, Hindu, Norse and Egyptian gods. By committing their spirit to the light of Freemasonry, they have committed to all of this.

Effects on Health
God has pronounced judgments against those who worship the gods of Egypt. The whole issue of Israel in Egypt was worship. The plagues were all to show the superiority of the God of Israel over the gods of Egypt. At Passover, the Lord said for them to separate themselves from the gods of Egypt. The sign of this was the blood of the lamb on the door-posts and lintel. It says that when Israel left Egypt that night, there was not one feeble or sick among them.
After they crossed the Red Sea, the Lord promised them that if they did not return to worshipping the gods of Egypt, that none of the diseases of Egypt would come on them.
The converse is also true. If you worship the gods of Egypt, you will get the diseases of Egypt. Egypt had every kind of disease known. One of the reasons they were so advanced in medicine was that they had so many diseases.
In Freemasonry, you are involved in direct worship of the gods of Egypt, so in addi-tion to all the things you pronounce on yourself, you also get what God has pronounced on you, all the diseases of Egypt.

Freedom from Freemasonry
Often we break outward forms, but not the reality behind them. We repent of and renounce the hoodwink, but do not reclaim our intellect. We renounce the cable tow, but do not reclaim our will. It is very effective to go to each area that has been affected and deal with the reality of what has been done through the ceremony. Once we have repented of and renounced what was done, then the body, soul and spirit can be reclaimed. Until we reclaim what was lost, we cannot fully submit it to God. Once we are fully submitted to God, we can fully resist the devil. Ministering this revelation has produced wonderful results in both heal-ing and inner healing.

Most people struggle with the issues of identity, value and destiny. When these are defined and determined by the structure of Freemasonry, a person is bound to the identity, value and worth assigned to them by Freemasonry. Reclaiming the identity that God created has set many people free from feeling like they are a cog in a wheel or a pawn in someone else’s game. Reclaiming personal value has set people free from feeling pressured to earn or prove their worth. Reclaiming God ordained destiny has given many, confidence to pursue the call of God on their lives. All of these work together to produce a person who lives in the knowledge that they are loved, valued and have a purpose in life.

The devil will take whatever he is allowed to take. We have seen that once people understand what has happened to them and reclaim what was abdicated, they are excited to be able to resist the devil and to possess their own vessel. As they recover their souls, they have increased discernment to hear God and to recognize error. We have seen people set free from tormenting thoughts and self-rejection. People have also sensed that they are free to be who God created them to be. Many have come for ministry – who have prayed to break the power of Freemasonry from their lives but have not experienced the full release they expected. This ministry has taken them a step further in personal restoration and confidence to resist the Devil.