Chapter 13 Involuntary Exposure

Involuntary Exposure to Darkness

As seekers try to identify all the open doors, they may find occasions when they learn they have been exposed to darkness through no fault or effort of their own which has opened doors to their spirit totally unaware. There are many causes of open doors that do not fit neatly into one of the categories in this booklet. Interviews normally will not identify these exposures because the seeker is unaware of them. Some examples may help.

During unmarried Sex: Sex between partners not married allows any evil spirit in one partner to pass to the other partner. Not only that but each partner is exposed to any darkness that is passed on to their immediate partner by others with whom their current partner may have had sex with in the past.

Alcohol & Drugs: When a seeker previously used drugs or alcohol and became stoned or drunk, dark spirits have access because the God given agency is put in neutral, and spirits can enter almost at will.

Statues of Other Gods: One seeker eventually learned a gate was opened when they went to an Indian restaurant which had a large statue of Buddha near the entrance. Since the others in the seekers party went to pat the belly of Buddha and recite the message written on the plaque as they passed by the seeker did also. It exposed her to a spirit of Buddha that was not easily identified.

Movies. games, music: When the author of this booklet was 7 years old, he was in a movie that had fearful scenes of Nazi’s attempting to capture a spy. A spirit of fear entered that was not dislodged for 35 years.

Contact with contaminated persons: An African woman ran a small lunch place in the ghetto of Nairobi. A neighboring shop owner came to visit and touched her during the visit. An evil spirit transferred from the visitor to the seeker. A touch from a person can expose you to darkness (even a handshake if the person carries a dark spirit.) We should be careful who touches us and lays hands on us. On the other hand, let us not be fearful of others touching us as long as we are clean, and have no open gates in our spiritual hedge. If we are touched by contaminated people, we can always “de-slime”, which is to pray a prayer afterwards that the Lord would wash us clean of any continuation.

A seeker came for prayer with a strange spirit. It turned out that the seeker had a boyfriend who was a Muslim. The seeker had been free, but a spirit returned. The interview revealed that the seeker happened to meet the old boyfriend again while shopping. The old boyfriend held her arm while they visited. This caused a spirit to transfer.

Lusting after gifts: A young woman admired the gifts and talents of the pastor’s wife who seemed to have control over her husband as well as the members of the small congregation. The seeker acquired the spirit of jezebel from the pastor’s wife through admiration and desire.

Consecration to Satan by relatives: Many seekers have been consecrated to Satan by relatives.

Native American influences: Sometimes there is a Native American Shaman in the ancestral line of the seeker, or someone who was a witch or a warlock. Normal prayers for generational influences will not disclose or dislodge such spirits.

People from eastern countries: Many seekers who have lived in eastern countries may carry a number of strange spirits. It may be difficult for them to receive physical healing until they rid themselves of the residue from the past.

Muslims: Seekers who are Muslims generally carry several spirits not familiar to the average deliverance minister.

By Invitation: A prayer team was ministering to a woman who was manifesting. One of the members of the prayer team was a close friend of the woman. During the prayer the friend said under her breath “spirit, give me the best you have”. The spirit transferred from the woman manifesting to the friend.

Physical objects: A Canadian woman wore a necklace given to her by her father. She could not be freed until she gave up the necklace.

Old relationships: A woman broke up with her lover who was a married man. She could not be freed until she gave up a necklace and an old photograph.

Unholy Ministers: A woman had a Satanic Priest offering her up on a daily basis.

Perfume: A woman purchased some perfume. When she applied it she always got sick. The Lord revealed that the seller was a witch. If incense, perfumes, or oils are prepared by people with dark intent, they can expose you to darkness. The Holy Spirit and angels smell sweet, but demons and smell foul.

Clothing: A woman was given some clothing by another church woman. The Lord spoke to the woman and told her the clothing was not to touch her body and she was to burn them.

Where you live: Some people rent or buy houses that have previously been inhabited by darkness. The darkness continues until the house is healed.

TV Violence or sex: Some people experience “problems” after watching or hearing of violence, actual or on TV. “… he that stoppeth his ears from hearing of blood and shutteth his eyes from seeing evil, he shall dwell on high . . . (Isa 33:13-16) There is no protection for you from God if you don’t hide your eyes from seeing the shedding of blood and hold your ears from what’s happening in evil. TV and movies can be an open door. Spirits of violence, death, murder, and lust can enter.

These are but a few examples of many that do not fit nicely into the categories mentioned in many books and publications. The prayer team is advised to have at least one person with the gift of discerning of spirits which is very helpful in these cases. Answers usually come after serious intercession to the Lord for the key to the bondage.