Chapter 11 Vows and Death Wishes


A vow is something said verbally (or within the mind) by an act of our agency, which then programs the body and mind from that point on. A vow is a directive sent through the heart and mind to the body (“Thou art snared with the words of thy mouth, thou art taken with the words of thy mouth”—Prov. 6:2). Though the conscious mind has long forgotten the comment, the inner being does not forget it. It is a determination set by the mind and heart from that moment on. The directive is lodged in the heart.
Inner vows are defense mechanisms and they act as a protection mechanism to keep our spirits from being wounded and hurt. Inner vows, in effect, form a wall around the heart. Most individuals who exhibit feelings of rejection have uttered inner vows, sometimes developing hearts of stone. A person has to be willing to remove the walls and renounce the vows, in order to experience the full love of God. Vows prevent God from healing the heart.
Expressed inner vows signify some part of our lives will be lived in a way contrary to God’s plan and purpose. These vows will limit our potential for God to use us and are an invitation for the enemy to control us in a particular area. Inner vows may not become manifest immediately in behavior but eventually may lead to breakdowns or emotional explosions.
These inner vows act as orders to the mind and body. While their stated intention is typically offered to keep us from being hurt, they simultaneously keep us from being loved by God and others. We develop a “cold love”—where we exhibit the outward expressions of love but do not genuinely experience it in our heart or emotions.
When anyone expresses an inner vow, it is registered in that individual’s spirit, and the body, soul, and spirit sets everything in motion to keep that vow in place. When you say it, your spirit hears and registers it. The spirit says, “This is their will; that is what they want, so I must comply.”
Your spirit is programmed to follow the vow. However, a demonic spirit may enter because of the inner vow. When you utter a vow, the spirit of control and independence enters, so that the vow may be fulfilled, and “you” are put on the throne of your life. (“You” have to make sure that no one is ever in a place to tell “you” what to do. “You” never get into a relationship. “You” keep yourself independent. “You” have programmed your spirit so that no one can ever tell “you” what to do.) Some examples include:
“I will never let anyone hurt (or use) me again.”
“I will never try that again.”
“I will never be rejected again.”
“I will never trust a man (or woman) again.”

You will not be able to feel the love of God, nor hear His voice, if you have a wall around your heart. You have to trust the Lord enough to believe He can take down the walls. Believing that perhaps God won’t protect us (if we pray to remove the vow) is a trust issue which must be addressed: the facilitator should assure the seeker that God is their protector and He will keep these things from injuring their heart; they should trust God rather than themselves. Distrust of God is a matter of self-pride.

Satanic Vows
Sometimes seekers have made previous vows with Satan before they became a Christian. One seeker made an agreement (a vow) with Satan that he would serve him if he could have all the drugs he wanted. Another made a similar vow with Satan if he could have all the women he wanted. One Christian woman told Satan he could have her if he would leave her children alone and away from drugs.
Sometimes vows come unknowingly. If a person visits a meeting where satanic worship is practiced, they may become a party to a vow with Satan. If they allow their skin to be cut, or crystals embedded under their skin, they are making a blood covenant or pact with the Devil.
There are some who have studied tattoos and other body marks, and believe that in some cases, tattoos, body marks, and body piercings are an outward expression of a vow or pact with demons. See What’s Behind the Ink?” by Bill Sudduth, ( which convincingly exposes pagan and demonic activities and origins behind tattoos, body marks and body piercing.
When we submit to a satanic priesthood, we are giving authority to Satan over our own lives. We have to identify and renounce all that has bound us in the past. These pacts or agreements with Satan are soul ties that keep us bound to Satan. Therefore we have to investigate every area where ministry is needed. Once we determine what caused the bondage-the open door to the devil’s work, we can move to repent, renounce and break the agreement.
Every vow has a cause and a root that needs to be dealt with carefully. It is necessary to discover why the person made such a vow. We need to know the source of it.

Prayer for Breaking Vows

1. Ask God to bring to your awareness any vows that may limit your healing.
2. Vows are a sin. The person should confess them as sin and ask for forgiveness.
3. Have the person renounce the vow(s) in Jesus’ name; take back any ground and return it to God. Use the following prayer guide:

Lord, I confess this vow of __________ as a sin and ask forgiveness for it. In the name of Jesus I take back any lost ground and give it to the Lord. I break this inner vow of ______________, and release myself from it as an act of obedience. Please have your way and will with me, Lord. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Prayer by the Intercessor
In the name of Jesus, I release you from this vow and restore you to the original delight of your soul. I release you to open your heart and be free in your associations with others. Thank you, Jesus, for restoring ___________ to that which you have created. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

Death Wishes

A wish to die is a form of inner vow. Many who are sexually abused, depressed, or seriously rejected—or who hate themselves or their bodies—end up wishing they could die. Most feel like, and think of themselves as, “losers.” Behind every thought of suicide is a death wish.
Usually behind every death wish is anger directed toward God for “creating me as I am” or for letting things happen as they did. Some babies come into the world not wanting to be born because of painful in-utero experiences.
Individuals commonly make death wishes when they are older. Death wishes open a gate that allows the spirits of death, depression and hopelessness to enter. These dark influences keep the person depressed and entices them to commit suicide.
Death wishes usually come from self-hatred. They don’t love themselves. They are attacking themselves spiritually. The Spirit of Infirmity comes in and agrees with them, so they take an assignment from the devil, not from God who created them. They get sick.
When you hate yourself, you are calling the living God who loved you a liar. You have declared that He made a mistake in saving you. Then the Devil agrees. He is right there to bless you with the opposite of your Father in heaven’s blessing and that’s where the spirits of death, depression and hopelessness come in.
You need to verbally declare: “I shall live and not die to declare the glories of my God in my generation” (Ps 118:17). “For the grave cannot praise thee, death cannot celebrate thee: they that go down into the pit cannot hope for thy truth” (Is 38:18). “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” (Ps 139:14-18)

Prayer for Death Wishes
1. The seeker must confess any death wishes and any desires to commit suicide (or any attempts to do so) as sin and ask for forgiveness.
2. The seeker should renounce any of these thoughts, attempts, or vows, as well.
3. The seeker should also confess and repent of their anger toward God.
4. Sometimes the spirit of death is present and must be cast out.
5. Pray the prayers identified in the section on “Healing Our Image of God.”

Also pray the following:
Lord, I confess as sin the death wishes I have had and the desires to commit suicide (and any attempts I made at trying to do so). I renounce these in the name of Jesus. I repent for rejecting myself and I give you back any ground I have given to the adversary in this area. I command any dark spirits of death, suicide, or depression to leave, in Jesus’ name.
I accept my body and my present life situations and I ask that you reconcile me to myself. Reconcile me to my perfect time and place and position on this earth. I trust you Lord, to lead me in life to fulfill the purpose you have in me, to glorify you.
Thank you for rescuing me from myself. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.