Week 1 Questions

QUESTIONS Week 1, Chap 1

  1. Why should we preach, teach and minister deliverance and inner healing?
  2. Why Did Jesus Come (see I John 3:8, Luke 5:32. Matt 18:11, Luke 4:18, Isa 42:7, Isa 49:9, Isa 61:1-3)
  3. If Jesus came to preach the Kingdom of God, what is that: (see Matt 12:28, Luke 11:20, Matt 18:13, Mark 1:5, Luke 10:9, Luke 17:21, John 3:3, Rom 14:7, I Cor 4:20.)
  4. How many references are there to Jesus ministering deliverance in the Bible? What percentage is this of His total ministry? Should we be following Jesus’ model today? Why are we not?
  5. What is the difference between power and authority?
  6. How do we reconcile current practices in churches with Mark 16:17-18. Is there a difference between a disciple and a believer?
  7. If we are secure in our confidence, spiritual authority and power, why is it that some demons do not leave when they are commanded to do so?
  8. How do we obtain authority and more power to minister deliverance effectively? (Sunday)
  9. Can a Christian can have a demon? What does this suggest about Pastors and Christians our churches?
  10. What is your own personal experience with dark influences being associated with your spirit?
  11. Once a Christian is set free, will they ever have future need for more deliverance? Why?
  12. Will the Holy Spirit indwell an unclean vessel? Look at the example of Peter. What might this suggest for many ministers today?
  13. Why is it important to know the four kinds of healing? Are they related in any way? Can a evil “spirit of infirmity” cause a need for physical healing? (see Luke 13:11-12)
  14. Why is it important to know what demons do, and the symptoms of there presence?
  15. How do you define the four common words used to describe someone that is influenced by a demon?
  16. How do demons enter our spirit?